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Azure Cross Platform Command-Line Interface 0.8.8



This Azure Cross Platform Command-Line Interface release includes: * Role-based access control support * Query role definition * azure role list * Manage role assignment * azure role assignment create * azure role assignment list/show * azure role assignment delete * Query Azure AD object * azure ad user list/show * azure ad group list/show * azure ad group member list * azure ad sp list/show * Show user's permissions * azure group list/show * azure resource list/show * Active Directory service principal login support in Azure Resource Manager mode * azure login `--`service-principal `--`tenant * Storage * Azure File Service support * azure storage share create * azure storage share list/show * azure storage share delete * azure storage directory create * azure storage directory delete * azure storage file upload * azure storage file download * azure storage file list * azure storage file delete * Azure Blob Service improvements * azure storage blob copy start * azure storage blob copy stop * azure storage blob copy show * Azure Table Service support * azure storage table create * azure storage table list/show * azure storage table delete * Azure Queue Service Support * azure storage queue create * azure storage queue list/show * azure storage queue delete * Switched storage library to azure-storage module * Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) * Storage Accounts * SDK and Tools * [ Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)]( * [ Storage Accounts](