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General Availability: Azure Stream Analytics



Azure Stream Analytics is a real-time stream processing engine in the cloud that helps uncover insights from devices, sensors, infrastructure, and applications. Developers describe their desired event stream processing and transformations in an SQL-like language, and the system abstracts the complexities of the parallelization, distributed computing, and error handling. Temporal semantics are built in.New capabilities include support for automatically refreshing reference data, improved job diagnostics, and the ability to create new Azure services for inputs and outputs within the context of your Stream Analytics job. These enhancements help you achieve a lower cost, real-time streaming processing solution in the cloud. For more information about these new features, please visit the [Stream Analytics documentation]( page. General availability pricing will be in effect on June 1, 2015.For more information, please visit the [Stream Analytics]( page, and for more pricing information, please visit the [Stream Analytics Pricing]( page. * Azure Stream Analytics * Pricing & Offerings * Services * [ Azure Stream Analytics](