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Logic app templates in Azure Marketplace



We now have a [section in the Azure Marketplace that is full of templates for Logic apps](, such as for: * [Creating new cases in Salesforce from a Twitter post]( * [Backing up an FTP folder to Azure storage]( * [Processing incoming EDI messages from your partners]( * [Posting important emails that you get to a Yammer group]( [![logicappmarketplace](]( These templates can contain a large number of actions, and the actions are prepopulated for you. Open the Logic app designer to fill in settings that the template needs and authorize the connectors. In addition to the new marketplace templates, we have added the following features: * Inline validation: * You are told in the Logic designer if you have an invalid expression in your Logic app. * All required fields are highlighted so you know what you need to fill out when you add an action. * Improved menu on cards so you can always **Add a Condition** or **Repeat over a List**. We also fixed other issues, including: * The last status of a Logic app would sometimes display incorrectly. * The **Discard** button was not always clearing all of the changes. * If a card had an error, you were unable to delete it. * App Service * Features * [ App Service](