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Azure Data Box



The Azure Data Box is a secure, ruggedised, tamper-resistant appliance created by Microsoft to help customers transfer large amounts of data into Azure Storage. Order the Data Box through the Azure portal. It will be able to connect to networks via DHCP or a customer-supplied IP address. Once connected, data can be copied to the Azure Data Box using the SMB 3.0 protocol and encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption keys. When the device is returned to Microsoft, data can be stored in Azure Blob or Files storage, and the device will be erased after data upload. The Azure Data Box will be a valuable device for partners to help their customers with large Azure Data transfer projects. Availability for the preview will be limited to US regions, but we encourage all interested customers to express interest in participating. To sign up for the preview, please visit [Azure Data Box Preview Program]( To learn more about the Azure Data Box, please read our [blog post.]( * Storage Accounts * Features * [ Storage Accounts](