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Public preview: PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell



PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell is now available in public preview. Azure Cloud Shell is a Microsoft-managed admin machine running on Azure, for Azure. It enables you to: * **Choose to use a PowerShell experience in Cloud Shell** as an alternative to the existing Bash experience (also in public preview) while retaining the benefits of Cloud Shell, including: * Authenticated access to Azure from virtually anywhere. * A shell maintained and updated by Microsoft that comes equipped with commonly used CLI tools. * Language support for several popular programming languages. * The ability to persist data across sessions in attached Azure File storage. * **Browse and discover all your Azure resources** by using a familiar file-system-like navigation with Azure drive (Azure:). * **Edit PowerShell scripts in VIM** with built-in syntax highlighting and IntelliSense for PowerShell files. * **Add new commands from PowerShell Gallery** that will persist across your Cloud Shell sessions. Learn more about Cloud Shell by visiting the [Cloud Shell documentation](, and try it from the Azure portal. * Microsoft Azure portal * Management * [ Microsoft Azure portal](