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Power BI Embedded custom layout



## Custom layout in Power BI Embedded enables you to set and change the size of a report page layout, or control the size, position and visibility of a report visual. * **Page layout**. When you’re building a report page through Power BI Desktop, you configure the layout by using two fields: page size type and page layout. By default, each time you embed a report, it uses the configuration made in Power BI Desktop. With custom layout, you can dynamically set the definitions to optimise the report layout inside your app page. You can change the layout during the session, based on specific events such as content change in the app page or browser resizing. * **Visual layout**. This feature also supports single-visual embedding. Through custom layout, you define which of the visuals you want to display and specify their size and position on the canvas. Using this capability, you have full configuration control on the appearance of the visuals on the canvas dynamically during the user’s session. For example, imagine that your app’s customer has different departments. Instead of creating copies of the same report or report pages for each department and making the modifications, you can show the same report page and expose only the relevant visuals to that user. Custom layout enables you to optimise the position of each visual so that the experience seems seamless. Another example enables users to choose which visuals they want to follow and create their own customised view of the report. [Learn more about custom layout]( You can find an example and code snippet in the [live demo tool]( To use the live demo tool for custom layout, follow these steps: 1. Select **Sample report**. 2. Select **Run**. 3. Go to the **Interact** tab. 4. Scroll and select **Apply custom layout**. 5. Select **Run** again. * Power BI Embedded * Features * [ Power BI Embedded](