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Dataproc - June 27th, 2018 [Feature]



## Feature * Announcing the Beta release of [Cloud Dataproc Customer Managed Encryption Keys (CMEK)](, a feature that allows you to create, use, and revoke the [key encryption key (KEK)]( for Compute Engine VMs in your cluster and the Cloud Storage bucket used with Cloud Dataproc. * Announcing the general availability (GA) release of Cloud Dataproc and Customer-Managed Encryption Keys on BigQuery. Cloud Dataproc users can now use [Customer-Managed Encryption Keys (CMEK)]( to access protected BigQuery datasets and tables (see [Writing a MapReduce Job with the BigQuery Connector]( for an example). * Announcing the general availability (GA) release of [Cloud Dataproc Persistent Solid State Drive (PD-SSD) Boot Disks](, which allows you to create clusters that use PD-SSDs for the master and worker node boot disks.