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Azure Load Balancer TCP resets on idle in preview



Now in preview, [Azure Load Balancer]( supports sending of bidirectional TCP resets on idle timeout for load balancing rules, inbound NAT rules and outbound rules. Use this new ability to help applications gain visibility into when Standard Load Balancer terminates connections due to idle timeout. When enabled, Standard Load Balancer will generate a TCP reset packet to the client and server side of a TCP connection on idle timeout. This allows for applications with more predictable behaviour, as well as detection of the termination of a connection, removal of expired connections, and initiation of new connections. TCP resets can be enabled on Standard Load Balancers using Resource Manager templates, CLI and PowerShell. For more information, including pricing details, please visit the [Azure Load Balancer TCP reset page]( * Load Balancer * Services * [ Load Balancer](