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Azure Virtual WAN now generally available



Virtual WAN provides a simple, unified, global connectivity and security platform to allow the deployment of large-scale branch infrastructure. ExpressRoute provides private connectivity into the Microsoft global network. Announcing a preview of the next service addition to virtual WAN, which will allow customers to access corporate resources that are connected to an ExpressRoute circuit, such as an on-premises data centre/headquarters and VNets connected to the ExpressRoute circuit. Additionally, a feature available only in the Virtual WAN will provide the ability for branches to access resources connected to the ExpressRoute circuit and vice versa. This will enable a new class of capabilities between branches connected over VPN and sites, VNets and customer premises connected over ExpressRoute. [Learn more]( * Virtual WAN * Azure ExpressRoute * Virtual Network * Services * [ Azure ExpressRoute]( * [ Virtual Network]( * [ Virtual WAN](