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Azure Functions 2.0 available in IoT Edge



The Edge Hub binding for Azure Functions has been updated to conform to the Functions Runtime 2.0 pattern of installing bindings from NuGet. This enables the usage of C# precompiled versions of Functions for development rather than C# Script, and makes for a richer local development experience, one that’s closer to the experience of Azure Functions in the cloud. The local development experience will be centred around C#, rather than CSX scripts. Some restrictions apply: \- The only supported language is C# for now; other languages will follow. \- The only binding supported in Azure Functions running on IoT Edge is the custom edge hub binding. \- Existing code from Azure Functions edge modules should be rebuilt to use this released binding before a solution is put into production. [Deploy Azure Functions as IoT Edge modules]( * Azure functions * Azure IoT Edge * Services * [ Azure functions]( * [ Azure IoT Edge](