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Announcing Ephemeral OS Disk in public preview



We are happy to announce [Ephemeral OS disk]( in public preview. Ephemeral OS disks work well for stateless workloads, where applications are tolerant of individual VM failures and are more concerned about the time it takes to deploy at scale or to reimage the individual VMs. It is also suitable for applications, deployed using the Classic deployment model, to move to the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) deployment model. With Ephemeral OS disk, you would observe lower read/write latency to the OS disk and faster VM reimage. In addition, Ephemeral OS disk is free, i.e. you incur no storage costs for the Ephemeral OS disk. The key features of Ephemeral OS disks are: · Supports both Marketplace images and Custom images. · Fast reimaging of VMs to the original boot state. · You can deploy VM images up to the size of the VM Cache. · Lower run-time latency similar to a temporary disk. **Get started [now](** * Managed Disks * Virtual Machines * Virtual Machine Scale Sets * Features * [ Managed Disks]( * [ Virtual Machine Scale Sets]( * [ Virtual Machines](