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Azure Monitor BUILD 2019 updates



It’s time for Microsoft BUILD 2019, and we are happy to announce several enhancements for Azure Monitor that further our vision to provide a full stack monitoring solution that is integrated, intelligent and scalable. * End-to-end monitoring for AKS - We are adding support for live Kubernetes events and also extending Application Insights to provide a new out-of-the-box application monitoring experience for any AKShostedapp. * Integrated access control for logs - With the new granular role-based access control for logs, you can cascade the permissions you have set at a resource level down to the operational logs and simplify governance and policies * Intelligent and scalable alerts - Dynamic Thresholds capability provides a way for you to let Azure Monitor automatically determine the right alert threshold using advanced machine learning algorithms and is now generally available. Also, a new feature called Alert Rules that allows you to create actions at scale is available in public preview. * Application change analysis - Azure Monitor application change analysis (public preview) is a new feature that answers the question of “What changed with my app” and helps developers and app owners troubleshoot issues faster. Application change analysis will provide you with a centralised view along with the analysis of all the recent changes for different components of a web app and its dependencies. The first iteration of this feature is now available in the App Services Diagnose and Solve Problems experience. Read the announcements [blog post]( for the full list of all capabilities that we are announcing for Azure Monitor at Microsoft BUILD 2019. * Azure Monitor * Features * [ Azure Monitor](