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Amazon Lightsail now provides automatic snapshots



Amazon Lightsail now supports automatic snapshots, allowing you to schedule daily snapshots of your Lightsail Linux/Unix instances. With automatic snapshots, Lightsail will automatically take a daily snapshot for you at a time you specify, eliminating the need to take snapshots manually. Lightsail keeps the seven most recent snapshots, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have a full weeks’ worth of snapshot history. Snapshots can be used to restore your instance to a previous state and to create multiple new instances that are replicas of the original instance. Enabling the feature is free; you only pay for the storage of your snapshots on Lightsail ($0.05 USD per GB per month). Although Lightsail retains your seven most recent automatic snapshots, you can choose to keep specific automatic snapshots as long as you wish or continue to take manual snapshots of the instance (storage for manual snapshots is charged at the same rate, $0.05 USD per GB per month). Moreover, Lightsail optimizes your snapshot storage so that for each consecutive snapshot, you’re charged only for the data that’s changed from the previous one. You can enable automatic snapshots using the Lightsail console or API in all regions where Lightsail is available. To learn more about automatic snapshots on Lightsail, click [here](