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Azure API Management update – October 2019



A regular Azure API Management service update started on 3 October 2019, and included the following new features, bug fixes and changes, along with other improvements. Please note that we deploy updates gradually and it takes over a week for every active API Management service instance to receive them. **New** 1. `Authentication-managed-identity` policy now supports a `clientId` field, which can be used to select an identity to authenticate with. The managed identity needs to be first assigned to the API Management service. Documentation and changes in the Azure portal and tooling will be coming soon. **Fixed** 1. `Context.LastError.Source` is now properly set on failures happening in the policies nested within the `retry` policy. 2. SDK clients (Java, Python) can now correctly deserialise JSON payloads, without failures related to Byte-Order-Mark (BOM) characters. The issue is described in detail [on GitHub]( 3. `Buffer-request-body` option in the `forward-request` policy now works as expected when back-end connection fails during request payload transmission. **Changed** 1. API Management service creation emails are now sent from a new, no-reply email address. New developer portal (in preview) follows an independent release life cycle and the [per-release changelog is available on GitHub]( * API Management * Features * [ API Management](