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Amazon ECS now Supports ECS Image SHA Tracking



[Amazon Elastic Container Services (ECS)](/ecs/) enables you to correlate container images pulled from ECR with scheduled tasks and where it is running, on Amazon EC2 or [Fargate](/fargate/). Now you have visibility and an immutable attribute to identify where your container image has been deployed to track application adoption, incident response and lifecycle management. Amazon ECS SHA Tracking provides visibility and identification to track where container images are deployed by using task state change events emitted to CloudWatch Events. SHA Tracking is integrated with Amazon ECR, ECS, Fargate and CloudWatch Events to support application lifecycle operations. Past deployments can be analyzed to identity when, where and how long applications have run for better adoption tracking using CloudWatch Events. Clusters, containers and application images can be correlated for full patch auditing support when applications are updated to ensure your users have a consistent experience. You can get started with SHA Tracking by updating the ECS Agent in your Cluster instances; Amazon Fargate and new ECS instances based on the Amazon Linux AMI already support this capability. For more information about using SHA Tracking, please see the Amazon ECS [documentation]( Please visit the [AWS global region table](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/) to see where Amazon ECS and Fargate are available.