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Amazon Chime now supports an in-room experience on Dolby Voice Room



Amazon Chime now provides users an integrated room experience on Dolby Voice Room. Amazon Chime now lets you join meetings with a single tap or by saying “Alexa, start the meeting” when using Amazon Chime with Alexa for Business on Dolby Voice Room. You can easily share content, get a visual roster with attendee information, and use enhanced whiteboard features during your meeting. The experience combines the simplicity of Amazon Chime with Dolby features such as dynamic leveling of soft voices, echo or background noise elimination, and video or whiteboard framing to deliver a high-quality meeting experience for small to medium size conference rooms. The solution is easy to deploy and can be managed from the Amazon Chime console. For more details on using Amazon Chime on Dolby Voice Room or to learn how to purchase a Dolby Voice Room system, please see [Dolby Voice Room](/chime/devices/) on the Amazon Chime website. Amazon Chime is a secure, real-time, communications service that simplifies video conferencing, online meetings, calls, and chat. With Amazon Chime, there are no upfront payments, and there is no infrastructure to deploy. You can try Amazon Chime for free by visiting the [Amazon Chime download page.](/chime/download-chime/)