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Azure Monitor – Application change analysis updates



Application change analysis was launched to provide a centralised view and analysis of changes at different layers of a web app. A lot of features have since been added. To help you scale, you now have the ability to turn on application change analysis at an App Services plan level – you no longer need to enable application change analysis for individual web apps. We’ve also broadened our support – you can now see resource manager changes for any resource. There are richer diagnostics for common scenarios such as virtual machines (VMs) + virtual network, SQL server and storage. We added impact analysis so that you can see what could be the downstream impact of a change to a port or a file. Improvements have also been made to the UI, including a new set of defaults and better filters to help you eliminate noise. We continue to iterate on your feedback and suggestions, [so keep them coming]( [Learn more about application change analysis]( * Azure Monitor * Features * [ Azure Monitor](