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Azure DevOps roadmap update



Exciting enhancements and features are coming soon to all [Azure DevOps]( services. Visit the [features timeline]( for the complete list. Each feature links to the public roadmap project where you can find more details about each item. Here a few highlights: **Azure Boards** * [Change work item state based on child work item state change]( **Azure Repos** * [Modern, fast, mobile-friendly UI]( **Azure Pipelines** * [General availability of multi-stage pipelines UX]( * [Auditing is now in preview]( * [Pipeline Artifacts is now generally available]( * [Pipeline Caching is now generally available ]( **Azure Artifacts** * [Public feeds now available and project-scoped feed creation UX]( **Reporting** * [Roll-up on Boards cards]( * [Sprint Burndown widget with advanced configuration]( * [Create dashboards without a team]( * [Copy a dashboard]( **Administration** * [Pay for users once per user across organisations under the same Azure subscription]( For more details, see the [Azure DevOps blog]( We appreciate your feedback and use it to prioritise. If you have new ideas or changes you’d like to see, provide a suggestion on the [Developer Community](, vote for an existing one or contact us on [Twitter]( * Azure DevOps * Features * [ Azure DevOps](