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Amazon EC2 now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2019



Amazon EC2 now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2019, the latest release of Microsoft SQL Server. When you run SQL Server 2019 on Amazon EC2, you benefit from the scale, performance, and elasticity of the AWS Cloud, while leveraging the latest features available in Microsoft SQL Server 2019 such as enhanced PolyBase and intelligent query processing. You can deploy SQL Server 2019 Always-On Availability Groups across multiple AWS Availability Zones (“AZs”) for enhanced availability. With AWS, you benefit from all the security capabilities such as Amazon VPC, data encryption, and integration with Microsoft AD, while taking advantage of the latest security enhancements provided in SQL Server 2019 such as native Data Discovery & Classification and Certificate management in SQL Server Configuration Manager. SQL Server 2019 is available from today in all AWS regions. You can launch your SQL Server 2019 instances from the [EC2 console]( or the [AWS Marketplace](/marketplace/search/) using using Amazon EC2 Windows Server 2019/2016 and Amazon Linux 2 License Included (LI) AMIs. SQL Server 2019 is available in four editions – SQL Server Web, Express, Standard, and Enterprise Editions. For customers looking to upgrade from SQL Server 2008/2008 R2, AWS helps automate this process with [AWS Systems Manager]( For customers looking to modernize their SQL Server workloads from a Windows to Linux operating system and save on Windows licensing costs, AWS simplifies the entire replatforming with [SQL Server Re-platforming Assistant]( To learn more about our SQL Server offerings, please visit [Microsoft SQL Server on AWS](/sql/).