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AWS Serverless Application Repository Adds Verified Author Badges for Application Publishers



Authors who publish serverless applications to the AWS Serverless Application Repository (SAR) and share them publicly can now receive Verified Author badges, enabling consumers to quickly and reliably know who you are. The Verified Author badge will appear next to your author name on your application’s detail card and detail page, and will deep-link to your Github profile. Previously, consumers had to spend time searching for applications from specific publishers they trusted, or vetting applications and their publishers on their own. Now, consumers can quickly spot applications authored by publishers whose identity is already verified by AWS. To become a verified publisher, you can request the SAR service team to verify one or more author names for your AWS account. Once your author name is verified, any current or future SAR applications published under the same name from your AWS account will receive a Verified Author badge. These badges are visible today through the Serverless Application Repository console and public search experience. To request verification of your author name(s), follow our [documentation]( To learn more about the AWS Serverless Application Repository, visit our [product page](/serverless/serverlessrepo/). To see all regions where the service is available, see the [AWS region table](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/).