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Azure Databricks Is now HITRUST certified



[Azure Databricks]( is now certified for the HITRUST Common Security Framework (HITRUST CSF®). Azure Databricks provides a fast, easy and collaborative Apache Spark™\-based analytics platform to accelerate and simplify building big data and AI solutions, backed by industry leading [SLAs]( Azure Databricks joins many other Azure services in formal certification with the HITRUST CSF, enabling you to create and deploy cloud-based applications with confidence. The HITRUST certification is the most widely coveted security accreditation for the healthcare industry. It incorporates healthcare-specific security, privacy and regulatory requirements and maintains Common Security Framework (CSF), which facilitates that organisations demonstrate streamlined security and compliance. The CSF builds on HIPAA and the HITECH Act, and incorporates requirements from existing frameworks, such as the ISO 27001 and MARS-E. HITRUST allows organisations to benchmark the standards of compliance via frameworks, assessment and certification processes, and provides three degrees of assurances – all of which have been met by Azure Databricks. Whereas HITRUST is the latest certification acquired by Azure Databricks, the service is also certified by AICPA, HIPPA, GDPR and ISO. This certification will help you use Azure Databricks to drive innovation from volumes of clinical data, without any worry about security and risk. In addition, it will help you move your IT workloads with ease through a streamlined process. From predictive medicine, to provision of customised treatment plans and advanced medical breakthroughs, Azure Databricks strives to empower organisations to scale their analytics and ML workloads without concerns around regulatory, privacy and security obstacles. [Learn more]( * Azure Databricks * SDK and Tools * Open Source * Security * [ Azure Databricks](