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Amazon Lex now supports resource tagging



You can now assign tags to Amazon Lex bots, aliases and channel associations. Tags allow you to categorize your resources in different ways, such as by cost center or owner, which simplifies cost allocation in your organization. You can also use tags to control creation, modification or deletion of tagged resources. Tags are key value pairs that can be used to manage, search, and filter resources. IAM policies support tag-based conditions, enabling you to constrain IAM permissions based on specific tags or tag values. For example, you can tag your bots to ensure only selected groups of users have access based on those tags. Tagging Amazon Lex resources is supported in all [AWS regions](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/) where Amazon Lex is offered. You can add or remove tags from Amazon Lex resources using Amazon Lex console, CLI, or SDK. To learn more about tagging resources in Amazon Lex, please visit our [documentation]( See [AWS Tagging Strategies](/answers/account-management/aws-tagging-strategies/) for general best practices when using tags with AWS resources.