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Amazon RDS Now Supports PostgreSQL 12



Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL now supports major version 12\. [PostgreSQL 12]( includes better management of indexing, improved partitioning capabilities, JSON path queries per SQL/JSON specifications, nondeterministic collations that support case-insensitive and accent-insensitive comparisons for ICU provided collations, most common-value statistics for improved query plans, creation of generated columns that computes values with an expression, and many additional features. This release updates extensions including [PostGIS]( to version 3.0, [PGAudit]( to version 1.4, [wal2json]( to version 2.1, [PLV8]( to version 2.3.14, [Orafce]( to version 3.8, [pg\_repack]( to version 1.4.5, [pg\_hint\_plan]( to version, and [pglogical]( to version 2.3.0. To use the new version, you can create a new [Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL](/rds/postgresql/) database instance with just a few clicks in the [AWS Management Console]( Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale PostgreSQL deployments in the cloud. See [Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Pricing for pricing](/rds/postgresql/pricing/) details and regional availability. Learn more about the new functionality of PostgreSQL 12 in the [AWS Database Blog](