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AWS Elemental MediaStore now supports CloudWatch Metrics



Now, you can use [Amazon CloudWatch](/cloudwatch/) to build dashboards and alarms for key metrics related to the ingest and delivery health of your live streams using [AWS Elemental MediaStore](/mediastore/) as the origin. These metrics include request and response rates, server processing time, and latency across different percentiles. By using object grouping, you can declare a set of folders or paths as a single object group. The metrics within this object group are aggregated, and provide a channel-level view within your container. In addition to CloudWatch metrics, you can also leverage [access logging provided by CloudWatch Logs]( CloudWatch Metrics and object groups enable customers to easily create an operational dashboard for channels, and attach alarms specific to a channel. This provides a simple monitoring solution with just a few clicks. For information on how to use Media Store CloudWatch metrics support, see the documentation pages [here]( For deeper monitoring, MediaStore access logs provides the ability to dive into individual requests. [AWS Elemental MediaStore](/mediastore/) is a video origination and storage service that offers the high performance, predictable low latency, and immediate consistency required for live streaming media combined with the security and durability AWS offers across its services. MediaStore offers an inexpensive method for pass-through and low-latency segmented video content delivery, with pay-as-you-go pricing. The service functions independently or as part of [AWS Elemental Media Services](/media-services/), a family of services that form the foundation of cloud-based video workflows and offer you the capabilities you need to transport, create, package, and deliver video. Visit the [AWS region table](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/) for a full list of AWS Regions where AWS Elemental MediaStore is available.