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Amazon Connect decreases telephony pricing



Amazon Connect, an easy to use contact center service, has decreased outbound telephony rates for calling to six countries. In the EU Central (Frankfurt) and EU West (London) regions, outbound telephony rates were decreased for calls to: * United Arab Emirates by 38% from $0.3741 to $0.2301 per minute * Egypt by 66% from $ 0.5124 to $0.1721 per minute * Spain by 6% from $ 0.0743 to $0.0696 per minute * France by 12% from $ 0.0484 to $0.0424 per minute Additionally, in the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Portland) regions, the outbound telephony rate for calls to Brazil was decreased by 73% from $ 0.1428 to $0.0389 per minute. In the AP Northeast (Tokyo) region, the outbound telephony rate to Japan was decreased by 16% from $ 0.1 to $0.0844 per minute. The new rates are now available as part of the standard pricing for Amazon Connect service usage and associated [telephony rates](/connect/pricing/). To learn more about Amazon Connect, please visit the [Amazon Connect website](/connect/).