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Introducing the new AWS SaaS Competency



Today, we announced the [AWS SaaS Competency](/partners/saas-on-aws/partner-solutions/) to support AWS customers looking for APN Consulting Partners with deep specialization and expertise in designing and building Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions on AWS. [](/partners/saas-on-aws/partner-solutions/) AWS customers building software and services on the AWS platform are transforming their approach to product development and are focused on delivering solutions on AWS through a SaaS delivery-model. These AWS customers require access to qualified APN Consulting Partners who can accelerate their ability to design, build, and launch a SaaS solution on AWS. To solve this for AWS customers, the AWS Partner Network (APN) is excited to announce the AWS SaaS Competency. This program allows AWS customers to easily identify qualified APN Consulting Partners with deep expertise and experience in the designing and building of SaaS solutions on AWS. The AWS SaaS Competency includes two categories, **Design Services**, and **Builders**. APN Consulting Partners in the **Design Services** category, have expertise in designing and implementing complex, cloud-native, SaaS solutions with AWS infrastructure. APN Consulting Partners in the **Builders** category, have deep expertise in building cloud-native SaaS applications via software development. APN Advanced and Premier Tier Consulting Partners in the new AWS SaaS Competency have all undergone a rigorous AWS validation process and evaluation of multiple customer references specific to SaaS on AWS. AWS Partner Solution Architects have validated their technical proficiency and architecture for previously completed customer use cases and thought leadership in SaaS. [Find an AWS SaaS Competency Partner Today >>](/partners/saas-on-aws/partner-solutions/) Learn more [here](