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Introducing AWS Trusted Advisor Explorer



[AWS Trusted Advisor Explorer](/solutions/aws-trusted-advisor-explorer/) is an AWS Solution that automatically provisions the infrastructure necessary to aggregate cost optimization recommendations and actively track cost optimization health across your organization over time. The solution creates a data lake that can be used to create dashboards to visually explore the data. The solution enriches the data with Resource Tags that further enhance the discovery and filtering capabilities. The solution leverages [AWS Trusted Advisor’s](/premiumsupport/technology/trusted-advisor/) Cost Optimization recommendations and [AWS Resource Groups]( Tag Editor data to build a data lake that can be queried using [Amazon Athena](/athena/) and visualized using [Amazon QuickSight](/quicksight/) or any other visualization platform. The solution uses [AWS Organizations](/organizations/), [AWS Lambda](/lambda/), [AWS Step Functions](/step-functions/), [Amazon S3](/s3/), [AWS Glue](/glue/), [Amazon Athena](/athena/), [Amazon Simple Notification Service](/sns/), [AWS Resource Groups](, and [AWS IAM roles]( To learn more about AWS Trusted Advisor Explorer, see the [solution webpage](/solutions/aws-trusted-advisor-explorer/). Additional AWS Solutions are available on the [AWS Solutions Implementations](/solutions/implementations/) webpage, where customers can browse solutions by product category or industry to find AWS-vetted, automated, turnkey reference implementations that address specific business needs.