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Azure Machine Learning – What’s new from Build 2020



[Microsoft Azure Machine Learning]( empowers developers and data scientists with enterprise-grade capabilities to accelerate the ML lifecycle. At Microsoft Build 2020, we announced several advances to Azure Machine Learning in the following areas: **Enhanced notebook in preview:** [New capabilities]( to create, edit and collaborate, make remote work and sharing easier for data science teams, and the notebook is fully compatible with Jupyter. [IntelliSense](, real-time co-editing (coming soon) for seamless remote collaboration, inline controls and kernel switching for Python and R. **Reinforcement learning support in preview:** enables data scientists to train agents who interact with the real world, such as control systems and game characters. Azure Machine Learning simplifies running reinforcement learning at scale on remote compute clusters, including tracking experiment results in Tensorboard and Azure Machine Learning studio UI. **Data labelling in preview:** gives you a central place to create, manage and monitor labelling projects. The new **ML assisted labelling** feature helps accelerate the labelling task and is available for image classification (multi-class or multi-label) and object detection tasks. **Azure Private Link for network isolation in preview:** Includes support for Azure Virtual Networks, dedicated compute hosts and customer managed keys for encryption in transit and at rest. In addition, we are enabling Private Link for network isolation. **Azure Cognitive Search integration in preview:** Using Azure Machine Learning, developers can deliver custom search solutions by training and deploying models and, now, by seamlessly integrating the end points into the [Azure Cognitive Search]( skillset. **Responsible ML:** In collaboration with the [Aether Committee and its working groups,]( we are bringing the latest research in responsible AI to Azure. The new [responsible ML]( capabilities in Azure Machine Learning and our open-source toolkits empower data scientists and developers to **_understand, protect and control_** ML data and models. See the [responsible ML announcements]( from Build. Read all the Azure Machine Learning announcements from Build 2020 [here]( * Azure Machine Learning * Services * [ Azure Machine Learning](