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FHIR Server on Azure Stack Hub



The open-source Microsoft FHIR server is being packaged and released for Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack Edge. Bringing the FHIR server for health data interchange to the edge will enable disconnected or intermittently connected scenarios. Many in the healthcare industry are aligning data to the emerging standard of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), which enables a robust, extensible data model with standardised semantics and data exchange, helping all systems using FHIR to work together. With FHIR, customers can quickly connect existing data sources such as electronic health record systems or research databases. FHIR also enables the rapid exchange of data in modern implementations of mobile and web development. Most importantly, FHIR can simplify data ingestion and accelerate development with analytics and machine learning tools. [Learn more]( * Azure Stack Hub * Features * [ Azure Stack Hub](