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AWS IoT SiteWise is now generally available



Today, we are announcing the general availability of AWS IoT SiteWise, a managed service that makes it easy to collect data from your industrial equipment, model your physical assets, processes and facilities, quickly compute common industrial performance metrics, and create fully managed web applications to help analyze industrial equipment data, prevent costly equipment issues, and reduce production inefficiencies. You can collect data from industrial equipment with AWS IoT SiteWise using a variety of options, including using MQTT or a REST API. You can also run the AWS IoT SiteWise gateway software on popular third-party industrial gateways and read data from OPC-UA data aggregators or historian databases. You can create models of your industrial facilities which can span a hierarchy of hundreds of thousands of assets. You can use these models to represent a single sensor, an assembly line, or a supply chain. You can link your equipment data to these models and store the data as time series in a managed, scalable, and efficient data store. AWS IoT SiteWise allows you to compute metrics over your equipment data or transform the data using a built-in library of mathematical and statistical operators. For example, you can create and monitor common industrial metrics such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for your production plants. You can also publish a live data stream from within AWS IoT SiteWise that contains measurements and computed data linked to your equipment. You can then set up MQTT subscriptions to these data streams through AWS IoT Core and use the data within your custom applications that can optimize factory output or identify equipment maintenance issues. With the SiteWise Monitor feature you can create fully-managed web applications that provide enterprise users visibility into equipment data stored in AWS IoT SiteWise. With SiteWise Monitor, users can automatically discover and display equipment data that has been ingested and modeled in AWS IoT SiteWise. Users can view the data in near real-time or compare and analyze historical asset data across multiple equipment and different time periods. They can visualize data using line and bar charts, add thresholds to these charts, and monitor data against these thresholds. You can share the web applications with other users in your company, which they can access from any browser on a desktop, tablet or smartphone by signing in with their corporate credentials through AWS Single Sign-On. With AWS IoT SiteWise, you only pay for what you use with no minimum fees or mandatory service usage. You are billed separately for usage of messaging, data processing, data storage, and SiteWise Monitor. AWS IoT SiteWise is generally available in regions of US East (N. Virginia), Europe (Ireland), Europe (Frankfurt) and US West (Oregon), with more regions coming soon. To get started, log into the AWS Management Console and navigate to AWS IoT SiteWise console and check out a demo to see what you can achieve with AWS IoT SiteWise. To learn more, please visit the AWS IoT SiteWise [website](/iot-sitewise/) or the [developer guide](