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Amazon EKS now supports Kubernetes version 1.17



[Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)](/eks/) now supports Kubernetes version 1.17. [Kubernetes](/kubernetes/) is rapidly evolving, with frequent feature releases and bug fixes. Highlights of the Kubernetes 1.17 release include [Cloud Provider Labels](, [ResourceQuotaScopeSelectors](, [TaintNodesByCondition](, [Finalizer protection](, and [CSI Topology]( graduating to generally available. Additionally, the [Windows containers RunAsUsername]( feature is now in beta, allowing you to run Windows applications in a container as a different username than the default. Learn more about Kubernetes version 1.17 in the [Kubernetes project release notes]( Learn more about the Kubernetes versions available for production workloads on Amazon EKS and how to update your cluster to version 1.17 in the [EKS documentation]( **A note on region support**: Kubernetes version 1.17 is available today in all regions except for the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. Support for version 1.17 in these regions will be rolled out in a subsequent release.