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Amazon Connect adds call recording APIs



Amazon Connect now provides four new APIs that enable you to [start](, [stop](, [pause](, and [resume]( call recording. Using the new APIs, you can control recording with a button from your custom agent user interface, build integrations to set recording behavior based on telephony attributes (e.g., area code), or pause and resume recording based on programmatic triggers. For example, when interacting with a CRM application, you can automatically pause call recording when an agent tabs into a field that accepts sensitive customer information, such as a credit card number. You can also provide agents the ability to manually turn on or off call recording to comply with regulations that require customer consent. The call recording APIs are available in all AWS regions where [Amazon Connect](/connect/) is offered. There is no charge to use these APIs. To get started, please refer to the [API documentation]( and check out the [blog post](