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Amplify Flutter now available as Developer Preview



The open source Amplify Framework, a suite of libraries and tools for mobile and front-end web developers, now offers support for Flutter developers. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google for developing applications for Android and iOS from a single codebase. Today’s Amplify Flutter Developer Preview provides libraries and a CLI toolchain that enable Flutter developers to build scalable and secure cloud-powered applications. You can use libraries with backends created using the Amplify CLI or with existing AWS backends. Today’s release enables developers to build Flutter apps using the same use case-based programming model that Amplify iOS and Android provide. This allows developers to add functionality such as Auth, Analytics, and Storage to their apps with few lines of code. As this is a Developer Preview, we will be adding support for additional use cases—API (GraphQL and REST), DataStore, and Predictions, among others—in the coming months. We greatly value your feedback on developer experience working with the library. We encourage you to open any issues/feature requests on our [GitHub repo]( or [Discord community]( If you have questions or suggestions regarding the design of the library itself, please let us know more on this [RFC]( For more details on how to use Amplify Flutter, refer to our [blog post]( and [documentation]( To learn more about AWS Amplify, go to our [web page](/amplify/).