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Amazon CloudFront announces real-time logs



Amazon CloudFront now supports real-time log delivery of CloudFront access logs. Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) that enables you to distribute content to viewers with low latency and high availability. The real-time logs contain detailed information about viewer requests that CloudFront receives. These logs are delivered to your Kinesis Data Streams in real time making it easy for you to monitor the performance of your content delivery and respond quickly to operational events. CloudFront has supported delivery of access logs to customer's Amazon S3 buckets and the logs are typically delivered in a matter of minutes. However, some customers have time sensitive use cases and require access log data quickly. With the new real-time logs, data is available to you in a matter of a few seconds with additional configurability. For example, you can choose the fields you need in the logs, enable logs for specific path patterns (cache behaviors), and choose the sampling rate (the percentage of requests that are included in the logs). The CloudFront real-time logs integrate with Kinesis Data Streams, enabling you collect, process, and deliver log data instantly. You can also easily deliver these logs to a generic HTTP endpoint using Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose. Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose can deliver logs to Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, and service providers like Datadog, New Relic, and Splunk. Using these logs, you can create real-time dashboards, set up alerts, and investigate anomalies or respond to operational events quickly. With today's release, CloudFront has optimized the console experience for access logs with a separate **Logs** page to manage your log configurations from a central page. From the **Logs** page, you can create real-time log configurations and apply them to any cache behavior within your CloudFront distributions. This feature is available for immediate use and can be enabled via the CloudFront Console, SDK, and CLI. CloudFormation support will be available shortly after this release. For more information, refer to the [CloudFront Developer Guide]( and [API documentation]( The real-time logs are charged based on the number of log lines that CloudFront publishes to your log destination. Information about pricing for the real-time logs can be found on the CloudFront [pricing]( page. The Kinesis Data Stream costs will vary based on your usage and the pricing is available on the [pricing]( page.