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Azure DNS: Introducing automatic child zone delegation



A new update was released to general availability in all clouds that makes it easier for you to create child zones which are easily attached to parent zones. This update comes in direct response to customer feedback asking to make the process of attaching a child zone to its parent zone more user-friendly. Prior to this release, when a customer was creating a new child zone, they would add their resource records to the newly created zone but often missed the step adding the complicated name server records back into the parent zone, causing name resolution failure when the customer would try to test the newly created zone. This update creates an option for you to identify your new zone as a child (please see illustration) of an existing zone in Azure DNS. When this selection has been made, the name server records for the child zone will be automatically populated in the parent, saving you four additional steps. There are two ways to create new child zones. Through our “Create DNS zone” page or from the parent zone resource record page [![forupdatespage]( "forupdatespage")]( For a quick explanation on how to create child zones, please take a look at our [tutorial guide]( * Features * Services