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AWS Step Functions increases payload size to 256KB



AWS Step Functions now supports payload sizes up to 256KB. Previously, the limit was 32,768 characters. Now, you can pass larger payloads in your standard and express workflows, allowing Step Functions to seamlessly coordinate multiple services like AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS, and Amazon SQS that already support larger payloads. [AWS Step Functions](/step-functions/) allows you to build resilient workflows using AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Notification Service, AWS Fargate, and more - now with larger payloads. For your standard workflows, the Execution History page in the console loads faster. You can now debug your standard workflows faster using the updated GetExecutionHistory API. You can use larger payloads with your existing and new Step Functions workflows at no additional set up or costs. Larger payloads can be used in [all commercial](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/) and [AWS GovCloud (US) Regions](/govcloud-us/) where AWS Step Functions is available. To learn more: * Read the [AWS Compute Blog]( * Read the AWS Step Functions [Developer Guide]( * Read the AWS Step Functions [API Reference](