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Announcing AWS Outposts Ready Partners



The [AWS Outposts Ready Program](/outposts/partners/), part of the [AWS Service Ready Program](/partners/service-ready/), help customers find integrated storage, networking, security, and industry-specific solutions that are validated by AWS experts to integrate with AWS Outposts deployments. AWS customers use AWS Outposts to benefit from the same AWS hardware infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools to build and run their applications on premises and in the cloud for a truly consistent hybrid experience. With AWS Outposts, customers can run AWS services locally on their Outpost, including EC2, EBS, ECS, EKS, and RDS, and also have full access to services available in the Region. Customers using specific tools and applications want to know which AWS Technology Partner products will help them to simplify and protect their AWS Outposts deployment, or accelerate access to insights on AWS Outposts. Products from AWS Outposts Ready Partners have been tested to run on AWS Outposts, enabling customers to easily identify products that will integrate with their AWS Outposts deployments. AWS Outposts Ready products are generally available and supported for AWS customers, with clear deployment documentation for AWS Outposts. To get started, see the following resources: * [AWS Outposts Ready Partner](/outposts/partners/) * [Learn more about this on APN blog post](