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Amazon Lumberyard Beta 1.26 now available



Amazon Lumberyard 1.26 Beta is now available for download, bringing you a range of updates including major improvements to Dynamic Terrain and Landscape Canvas, the general availability (GA) of the PhysX Gem (now with joint support and samples), a full preview release of the new Lumberyard UI (“UI 2.0”), usability improvements to the White Box Tool, updated GameLift support, and new tutorial guides to help you get started with 1.26\. Check out some of our favorite updates: * Major updates to **Dynamic Terrain and Landscape Canvas**, including the removal of the legacy Terrain runtime code into the LegacyTerrain Gem and removed all of the deprecated APIs associated with the old terrain model, as well as support for vegetation with dynamic slices. * The **GA release of the PhysX Gem**, which also includes support for new joint types and a customizable wind setting, along with full CryPhysics feature parity. * **A complete preview release of UI 2.0**, with over **75 updates** and [developer documentation for building UI 2.0 extensions]( * Improved GameLift support, including integration of the GameLift 3.4.0 C++ SDK as well as updated mobile platform support (iOS and Android) and server logging. * An updated **release of the White Box Tool**, with several usability improvements. * An updated and **streamlined viewport interaction model**. You asked for it, so here it is! * Fixes and improvements to Setup Assistant and the Project Configurator. * RAD Tools support for physics simulation telemetry. * The first chapters of [Lumberyard documentation Welcome Guide written tutorial series]( Get started building a game with 1.26! For more information on this release, read the [AWS Game Tech Blog]( and [the Lumberyard Beta 1.26]( [release notes]( To get started with Amazon Lumberyard, please visit the [Lumberyard website](/lumberyard/) to download Lumberyard. You can learn more about Lumberyard’s new features by watching [our Tutorials](, visiting the [Forums](, or reading through our [Documentation](