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Amazon Kendra adds Confluence Server connector



[Amazon Kendra](/kendra/) is a highly accurate and easy to use intelligent search service powered by machine learning. Starting today, AWS customers can automatically index and search content that is contained in Confluence repositories using Kendra's new built-in Confluence Server connector. Using connectors is a quick and easy way to add data sources to your Kendra index. Connectors will maintain document access rights and can be scheduled to automatically sync your index with your content repository. AWS customers can use Kendra’s Confluence Server connector to ingest and manage content in Confluence Server Spaces, including Pages, Attachments, and Blogs. Learn how you can configure your Confluence Server connector in this [blog post]( The Amazon Kendra connector for Confluence Server works with Amazon Virtual Private Clouds and is available in all AWS regions where Amazon Kendra is available. Visit the [documentation page]( to learn more about Confluence Server connector setup. To learn more about Kendra, visit the [Amazon Kendra website](/kendra/).