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Amazon FSx for Lustre now supports storage quotas



Amazon FSx for Lustre, a service that provides high-performance shared storage, now supports storage quotas. With storage quotas, you can monitor and control user- and group-level storage consumption on your file systems to ensure that no user or group consumes excessive amounts of capacity. Storage quotas are ideal for storage administrators who manage multi-user file systems such as user shares for data scientists, computational engineers, and genomics researchers. Starting today, you can set and enforce storage limits based on the number of files or storage capacity consumed by a specific user or group. You can set a hard limit that denies users and groups from consuming additional storage after exceeding their quota, or set a soft limit that provides users with a grace period to complete their workloads before converting into a hard limit. To simplify file system administration, you can also monitor user- and group-level storage usage on FSx for Lustre file systems. Support for storage quotas is now available at no additional cost on all [Amazon FSx for Lustre](/fsx/lustre/) file systems. Please see the [Region table](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/) for a list of Amazon FSx for Lustre availability by region. For more information about this new feature, see the storage quotas [documentation](