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Amazon WorkDocs now supports Dark Mode on Android



Starting today, you can now switch the color theme of your Amazon WorkDocs Android application for a darker appearance. With Dark Mode, the appearance of the app is inverted so that instead of black text on a white background, you see white text on a black background. The design reduces the light emitted by your device’s screen while maintaining the minimum color contrast ratios required for readability. Dark mode is not only a user preference and personalization feature but also a supplemental accessibility setting that may improve visibility and reduce eye strain while preserving battery life. With this release, users can switch between Light Mode and Dark Mode based on their preference. Simply enable Dark Mode from your device system preferences or directly within the WorkDocs application under Settings. Once enabled, your WorkDocs Android application will convert to Dark Mode. If you have already enabled Dark Mode on your Android device, then your WorkDocs Android application will convert to Dark Mode as the WorkDocs Android application now aligns with Android. The Amazon WorkDocs Android application provides anytime, anywhere access to you and your team’s work documents. More specifically, it allows you to view, comment on, share, and download documents for which you have been given permissions. The WorkDocs Android application supports uploading content, offline access to files, content preview of over 50+ file types, and search across all your WorkDocs content. Dark Mode is offered to customers at no additional cost for all Amazon WorkDocs users on the WorkDocs Android application and is available in all [AWS regions](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/) where Amazon WorkDocs is available. To learn more about Amazon WorkDocs, or to start your 30-day trial, please visit [Amazon WorkDocs](/workdocs/). To install the WorkDocs Android application, please visit the [Google Store](