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AWS CodeArtifact now supports NuGet



[AWS CodeArtifact](/codeartifact/) now supports NuGet packages for .NET development. AWS CodeArtifact is a managed artifact repository service that makes it easier for organizations to securely store, publish, and share software packages used in their development process. This launch adds NuGet to CodeArtifact’s existing support for npm (JavaScript, TypeScript), Maven (Java, Kotlin, Scala) and PyPI (Python). Popular .NET tools, including the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, the .NET Core CLI, and the NuGet CLI, can be used to publish, download, and search for NuGet packages in AWS CodeArtifact repositories. Developers using Visual Studio can use the [AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio](/visualstudio/) to authenticate to a CodeArtifact repository. Developers using the .NET Core CLI or the NuGet CLI can use the [CodeArtifact NuGet credential provider]( available from []( to authenticate. These client extensions simplify client setup and automatically refresh the CodeArtifact authentication token for a secure and convenient developer experience. Developers can also configure AWS CodeArtifact to fetch software packages from []( When a NuGet client is connected to a CodeArtifact repository, CodeArtifact will automatically fetch []( packages requested by the client. All requested packages will be stored in the connected CodeArtifact repository ensuring that critical application dependencies are always available to developers and CI/CD systems. Support for NuGet is available in all [AWS regions](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/) where AWS CodeArtifact is available. To get started, visit the blog post “[Using NuGet with AWS CodeArtifact](” or the [CodeArtifact User Guide](