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AWS Copilot CLI is now Generally Available



[AWS Copilot CLI](/containers/copilot/) for [Amazon Elastic Container Service](/ecs/) (Amazon ECS) is now generally available with v1.0.0\. The AWS Copilot CLI makes it easy to build, release, and operate production-ready containerized applications on Amazon ECS with the Fargate launch type. AWS Copilot incorporates AWS’s best practices, from infrastructure-as-code to continuous delivery, and makes them available to customers from the comfort of their terminal. With AWS Copilot, you can focus on building your applications instead of setting up infrastructure. You can get started on AWS Copilot with a single command and use built-in cloud architecture patterns to launch your containers with secure and scalable infrastructure. Once your service or cron job is up and running, AWS Copilot allows for easy customization to add related infrastructure such as databases or [Amazon Simple Storage Service](/s3/) (Amazon S3) buckets, configure autoscaling, and add more services. You can even add new deployment environments in different accounts and regions. To safely deploy through multiple deployment stages, AWS Copilot provides commands to setup a fully functional CI/CD [AWS CodePipeline](/codepipeline/). AWS Copilot also supports workflows to operate your application. For example, you can view all of your services' logs and health in seconds without having to leave your terminal. With AWS Copilot you have the freedom to choose a collaboration model that fits your team. You can work alone or share your application with other users in your AWS account. To get started, see the following resources: * AWS Copilot is available for download on Mac, Linux and Windows [here](, and can deploy applications to all AWS Fargate supported regions. * Read the full release notes for v1.0.0 [here]( * Connect with us and learn more about the project on our open source [GitHub repository]( * Read about our [announcement]( on the AWS Containers blog. * See tutorials with AWS Copilot in our [documentation](