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Insights is now generally available for AWS X-Ray



Today, AWS X-Ray launches [Insights](, which helps customers proactively discover issues in applications by using anomaly detection. X-Ray Insights enables developers and DevOps engineers to detect anomalies in fault rate for an application and then notify their teams on these issues and why it occurred. X-Ray Insights can help you determine the root cause of an issue, identify any other services affected by the issue and understand its overall impact on your end users. You can use the incident timeline within Insights to learn when the issue started and how it progressed over time. Updates to an existing Insight such as changes in fault rates of client requests or affected services are recorded as events and can be used to notify teams. AWS X-Ray Insights is available all commercial regions. For information on X-Ray's availability please refer to the [AWS Region Table](/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regional-product-services/). To get started, enable X-Ray Insights on the Default or custom [X-Ray Group]( Visit the blog on [Discover application issues and get notifications with AWS X-Ray Insights]( and [AWS X-Ray Insights documentation]( to learn more about this feature. Refer to the [X-Ray pricing page](/xray/pricing/) to learn about the cost for using X-Ray Insights.