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Introducing Amazon EBS Local Snapshots on Outposts



Starting today, with Amazon EBS Local Snapshots on Outposts you can store snapshots of your Amazon EBS volumes locally on Amazon S3 on Outposts to meet your data residency and local data processing needs. EBS Local Snapshots on Outposts require your Outpost to be provisioned with S3 on Outposts. You can also continue to back up your EBS volumes to snapshots stored on S3 in the AWS Region. Snapshots are point-in-time copies of your data which can be used to enable disaster recovery and improve backup compliance. AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, services, and tools to virtually any data center, co-location space, or on-premises facility for a truly consistent hybrid experience. You can use Outposts to support applications that need to run on-premises due to low latency, local data processing, or data residency requirements that require data and backups to be stored in a specific country, state or municipality for regulatory, contractual, or information security reasons. Previously, with EBS and S3 on Outposts you could store your data on Outposts and take EBS snapshots that are stored in the parent region associated with your Outposts. Now with EBS Local Snapshots on Outposts support, you have the option to store the backup of your EBS volumes locally on Outposts to support a broader range of data residency policies. You can create and manage your EBS Local Snapshots on Outposts using the Amazon EBS Snapshots APIs through the AWS Management Console, the AWS CLI, or the AWS SDKs. You can also use Amazon Data Life Cycle Manager (DLM) to define policies to help you automate snapshots lifecycle management on Outposts. To start using EBS Local Snapshots on Outposts, visit the AWS Outposts Management Console to order an Outposts configuration that includes your desired S3 storage capacity, or you can add S3 storage to an existing Outpost by working with your AWS account team. Amazon EBS Local Snapshots on Outposts is now available in all AWS commercial regions where AWS Outposts is available. Please refer to the [AWS Outposts FAQs](/outposts/faqs/) for Outposts availability. To learn more about EBS Local Snapshots on Outposts and its pricing, visit the [AWS Outposts product page](/outposts/), [documentation](, or read the [news blog](