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Amazon Personalize now supports exporting data



[Amazon Personalize]( enables you to personalize your website, app, ads, emails, and more, using the same machine learning technology as used by, without requiring any prior machine learning experience. Using Amazon Personalize, you can generate personalized recommendations for your users through a simple API interface. Amazon Personalize now offers a new set of APIs to enable customers to export the data present in their Users, Items and Interactions Datasets to their own S3 buckets. Having a consolidated view of your data in Amazon Personalize enables you to perform offline analysis of your data, as well as troubleshoot unexpected behavior driven by the data used to generate recommendations. This also enables a consolidated view of all the data that has been ingested into Amazon Personalize. To learn more about the Dataset Export feature, read our documentation [here]( To get started with Amazon Personalize, visit our [product page](/personalize/).