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Azure Static Web Apps is now generally available



[Azure Static Web Apps]( is a turnkey service for modern full-stack web apps with pre-built and pre-rendered static front-ends, and serverless API back-ends. You will be able to develop with popular front-end frameworks or static site generators, quickly build and test your apps locally, and deploy with a simple check-in – enabling you to focus on building your app while Azure takes care of the deployment and infrastructure. With Azure Static Web Apps, you can take advantage of: * Globally distributed content for production apps * Tailored CI/CD workflows from code to cloud * Auto-provisioned preview environments * Custom domain configuration and free SSL certificates * Built-in access to a variety of authentication providers * Route-based authorisation * Custom routing * Integration with serverless APIs powered by Azure Functions * A custom Visual Studio Code developer extension * A feature-rich CLI for local development Read our [announcement blog post ]( more details and review [quickstarts, guides and tutorials]( in Microsoft Docs. * App Service * Features * Services * [ App Service](