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Amazon EMR Studio is now available in 13 regions



Starting today, Amazon EMR Studio is available in US East (Ohio, N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Canada (Central), Europe (Ireland, Frankfurt, London, and Stockholm), and Asia Pacific (Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo) regions. [EMR Studio](/emr/features/studio/) is an integrated development environment (IDE) that makes it easy for data scientists and data engineers to develop, visualize, and debug big data and analytics applications written in R, Python, Scala, and PySpark. EMR Studio provides fully managed Jupyter Notebooks, and tools like [Spark UI]( and [YARN Timeline Service]( to simplify debugging. EMR Studio uses [AWS Single Sign-On](/single-sign-on/) and allows you to log in directly with your corporate credentials without logging into the AWS console. To get started, as an administrator, you can either create and configure EMR Studios from the EMR console, or automate the Studio creation by specifying the configurations and dependencies in a [CloudFormation](/cloudformation/) template. You can use the AWS SSO console to enable AWS SSO, choose from supported identity providers including Okta, Azure AD, OneLogin, Ping Identity, and Microsoft AD, and use the EMR console to assign users and groups to EMR Studio. You can learn more by reading our [Amazon EMR Studio announcement blog](/blogs/big-data/amazon-emr-announces-general-availability-of-emr-studio/), our [Amazon EMR Studio documentation](, visit the [Amazon EMR Studio detail page](/emr/features/studio/), or watch the [Amazon EMR Studio demos](