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Azure Maps Creator is now generally available



The new Azure Maps Creator, now in general availability, is being introduced with these key features: * The ability to [Convert]( facility floor plans into indoor map data. * Offer [Dataset]( features to power downstream services. * [Web Feature Service (WFS)]( for data management and queries. * [Tile sets]( to provide data visualization. * And [Feature State]( provides a method to dynamically reflect real-time events on distinct visual features. Azure Maps Creator is available initially in the following regions: West US 2, East US 2, West Europe, and North Europe. The new version of the API (V2) and the second generation of the Azure Maps Business Model are also available in this GA. To get started with Azure Maps and the Azure Maps Creator, please go to the [Azure Maps documentation]( or create an [Azure Maps account]( for free. [Learn more.]( * Azure Maps * Features * [ Azure Maps](