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AWS Glue Schema Registry now supports JSON Schema



[AWS Glue Schema Registry]( now supports defining schemas in JSON Schema format in addition to Apache Avro, allowing customers who choose JSON Schema as the format for their streaming data to centrally control the evolution of data streams and avoid having to manage their own registries. Through Apache-licensed serializers and deserializers, Glue Schema Registry integrates with Java applications developed for Apache Kafka/[Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka](/msk/) (Amazon MSK), [Amazon Kinesis Data Streams](/kinesis/data-streams/), Apache Flink/[Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink](/kinesis/data-analytics/), and [AWS Lambda](/lambda/). AWS Glue Schema Registry, a serverless feature of [AWS Glue](/glue/), enables you to validate and control the evolution of streaming data using schemas registered in Apache Avro and JSON Schema data formats, at no additional charge. Schemas define the structure and format of data records, also known as events, produced by applications. When data-producing applications add or remove fields from a schema, data quality may be compromised and downstream applications may be impacted. Using Glue Schema Registry, you can reduce downstream application failures as schemas used for data production are validated against schemas within a central registry, allowing you to centrally control data quality. With newly added support for JSON Schema data format, customers using JSON Schema can now benefit from the same validation and evolution controls offered in Glue Schema Registry for Apache Avro schemas. Glue Schema Registry is compatible with drafts 4, 6, 7 of JSON Schema. JSON Schema is supported across all AWS regions where Glue Schema Registry is available. Read through the Glue Schema Registry [documentation]( to get started and to learn more.